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Design Your Solar Solution First, Then Hire an Installer

Homeowners interested in “going solar” normally contact a contractor who provides product and design guidance, along with installing the solar panels. There’s a better approach…

solar design company
solar design company

Avoid Project Delays & Undue Cost Mark-Up

Think about contacting a solar design company, first. CNG’s flat-fee for the solar design services and engineering portion of your solar energy system means your installer can get right to work, with no need to partner themselves with a solar engineer, and no need to add the solar designing fee+mark-up to your final cost. It’s a win-win for the homeowner and the installation contractor!

● Installers prefer focusing on their strengths–putting the solar panels securely on your roof or ground-mounted installations.
● CNG’s insights empower your decision-making, relative to equipment selection, system configuration, and choosing an installer.
● Directly communicate your preferences and concerns to CNG, to facilitate a smoother installation process.
● Gain better quality control of the project, ensuring that all aspects are aligned with your requirements.
● CNG will customize your solar solution based on your energy consumption patterns, location, and other preferences.

How It Works At-A-Glance

CNG Solar Engineering helps homeowners figure out if solar is right for them. Skip the sketchy sales pitch, go directly to the engineers.

Discover what’s possible

Let us help you examine your utility bills

Log in and order your first set of plans

Figure out how much solar fits on your roof

Review and pay for your order

Create a design that fits your production and consumption needs .

Let an Experienced Solar Design Company Handle the Details…

1. CNG provides a solar plan, including a detailed solar panel configuration that will capture the maximum photovoltaic energy potential and savings
2. CNG prepares the required permitting applications
3. Choose your installer or hire one from CNG’s trusted network of solar installers.
4. Installers follow CNG’s blueprint to create your optimal solar energy system
5. You pay CNG a flat fee based upon a 1500-watt max. system, which powers homes up to 3,000 sq.ft. (larger homes may incur higher fee)
6. You pay your contractor for the installation-only, no 3rd-party fees or mark-ups on those fees

solar design company
solar energy expert

CNG Solar Engineering…Your Ally in The Solar Revolution

When you know it’s time to do your part in improving the environment, there are a lot of ways to proceed. Converting your home to solar energy is one of the most “do-able” ways to start being ecologically-responsible. “Going solar” requires an initial investment, but there are tax benefits and other incentives. Now is the time to make the switch, and initial collaboration with CNG as your solar design company helps identify potential risks and challenges early in your process of adopting a solar energy alternative. With CNG Solar Engineering in the process from the start, you’ll save money while getting a solar energy system that minimizes your reliance on fossil fuel and/or hydroelectric consumption.

Simplicity and efficiency are key when designing a residential solar energy system, no matter its size. Our goal is to engineer PV systems that are easy and cost effective to install, without compromising the output and overall integrity of our work.

When homeowners hire CNG directly as their solar design company, they avoid the installer’s mark-up while getting the most authoritative design and engineering advice straight from the top solar engineers in America! Plus, we refer you to the best installers in your area.

When homeowners hire CNG directly, they avoid the installer’s mark-up while getting the most authoritative design and engineering advice straight from the top solar engineers in America! Plus, we refer you to the best installers in your area.

“CNG helped me design my first system. Plans were done accurately, communication was great and the price was reasonable...”


Homeowners looking to make a positive contribution to alternative energy solutions, and save money at the same time, can trust CNG Solar Engineering for effective solar designing, PV strategies and premium service.

With today’s solar energy storage solutions, homeowners now have the ability to become energy independent, protecting themselves from power outages and unreliable grid energy.

Make Your Home More Valuable

Rooftop or ground-mounted residential solar panels invariably lift property values, while protecting against inevitable energy costs increases. CNG is the solar design company that has the team and the technology to deliver maximum ROI and long-term gains. We streamline project timelines for maximum efficiency. We are committed to realizing a brighter future for planet Earth.

solar design company
solar energy expert

Other CNG Solar Design Services for Homeowners:

● Existing system maintenance
● Equipment repairs and replacements
● No-strings-attached, free site assessments and production reports
● Assistance with equipment procurement and permitting


With a bonafide engineer’s blueprint for your solar energy solution, you are sure to experience the greatest degree of long-term savings while contributing to a healthier world. Don’t wait any longer… contact CNG Solar Engineering and let’s get started!

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