Commercial Solar Design

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commercial solar panel installation

Commercial Design Engineering for Solar Projects

Serving Business Owners, EPC Developers, and Commercial Contractors

CNG Solar Engineering specializes in designing and optimizing commercial solar panel installations. Our team of experienced designers can maximize any commercial solar project’s ROI by providing high-quality bidding layouts, feasibility reports and permit sets.

Commercial, Industrial & Utility Scale Projects

Commercial PV installations enable businesses to reduce the amount of pollution-contributing power consumed onsite–reducing carbon emissions and increasing the renewable energy portfolio of the company and stakeholders along the supply chain. With an onsite, clean energy power plant, PV systems instantly raise a building’s property value and lower its electrical expenses and carbon footprint.

Businesses with rooftop or adjacent solar panels are protected against utility rate hikes and can better predict stable, lower long-term electricity expenses. CNG’s team of solar engineers design solutions to mitigate expensive demand charges by optimizing system design, peak shaving, and self-consumption. Our commercial PV systems typically yield a 21-26% rate of return with an average ROI of 4.5 years. With this payback period, a business’s solar energy system is likely to pay for itself multiple times throughout the equipment’s lifetime.

commercial solar panel installation

CNG Solar Engineering’s Services

● Feasibility assessments
● In-depth financial and production modeling
● Peak shaving systems with battery storage
● Assistance with procurement, construction, permitting, and maintenance
of the system

commercial solar design
commercial design engineering

Solar Engineering for EPC Developers

Commercial solar panel installation, procurement, and construction developers partner with CNG Solar Engineering for streamlined PV system designs, permitting, and project management. Our deep expertise in renewable energy design and policy allows us to efficiently assist in projects for co-ops, municipalities, and other government entities from conception to completion.

CNG Solar Engineering quickly prepares permit-ready PV system designs that maximize energy production and reduce inefficiencies, project delays, and financial losses with seamless and error-free application packets.

CNG Solar Engineering Services for EPC Developers

● Industrial PV application design
● PV microgrid design
● Energy storage modeling

commercial solar design
Commercial Solar Design

Commercial Contractors

CNG Solar Engineering provides expert assistance for contractors developing commercial, agricultural, and industrial PV projects. Our team’s in-depth knowledge of utility and municipal requirements help projects of scale be completed as efficiently as possible. With a full analysis of consumption and production solutions weighed against regulatory compliance guidelines, we design high-quality commercial solar energy systems for maximum efficiency and long-term performance.
Services for commercial contractors:

CNG Solar Engineering Services for Commercial Solar Panel Installation Contractors

● Commercial, agricultural, and industrial PV design
● Large-scale solar battery storage design
● Single and double axis system design
● Sales-focused electrical and structural layouts

The Benefits of a Business Going Solar with CNG

Commercial solar power projects can deliver numerous benefits to a business operation. Here’s how a well-engineered solution can make a significant difference for commercial solar panel installation contractors and their clients:

● Optimized Energy Production
● Design Efficiency
● Long-Term Savings
● Greater Reliability & Durability
● Compliance & Regulations
● Monitoring & Performance Analysis
● Customized Solutions
● Potential for Additional Revenue
● Reduced Downtime & Maintenance Costs

Commercial Solar Design

The Benefits of a Business Going Solar with CNG

Commercial solar power projects can deliver numerous benefits to a business operation. Here’s how a well-engineered solution can make a significant difference for commercial solar installers and their clients:

A solar engineering design company assesses the commercial site thoroughly, taking into account factors like solar access, shading, roof angle, and local climate. This optimization ensures that the solar panels are positioned on a building to capture the maximum amount of sunlight, leading to higher energy production and better return on investment.

A well-engineered system by CNG Solar Engineering incorporates the latest technologies, components, and design principles. It ensures that the system is appropriately sized, uses high-quality components, and is designed to minimize energy losses, resulting in a more efficient overall system.

A properly designed solar energy solution for a commercial operation is more likely to generate higher energy output over its lifetime. This translates to greater energy savings and reduced electricity bills for the commercial operation, leading to substantial long-term financial benefits.

CNG Solar Engineering focuses on the structural integrity and long-term durability of the system. We will ensure that the commercial solar panel installation is robust, resilient to weather conditions, and complies with relevant industry standards. This minimizes the risk of system failures and unexpected maintenance costs.

As an experienced solar engineering design firm, CNG Solar Engineering is well-versed in local building codes and regulations. We ensure that the installation meets all necessary permitting and compliance requirements, avoiding potential legal and operational issues that may arise from a non-compliant system.

It is vital for commercial operations to track the system’s performance over time, so as to identify and address any issues promptly, ensuring the system operates optimally throughout its lifespan. CNG Solar Engineering provides these vital monitoring and analysis services.

CNG Solar Engineering tailors the commercial building’s solar energy solution to the specific needs and goals of the operation. We consider factors like energy consumption patterns, load requirements, and future expansion plans, resulting in a solution that aligns with the business’s objectives.

In many areas of the country, a well-designed solar energy system may produce surplus energy that can be fed back into the grid through net metering or sold to utilities. This provides the potential for additional revenue streams for the commercial operation.

A well-engineered system is less prone to breakdowns and malfunctions. This reduces the likelihood of costly downtime and minimizes the need for frequent maintenance, saving the commercial operation both time and money.

Trust CNG for Top Commercial Solar Design

Solar panel systems for commercial operations which are installed without the insights of a solar engineering design firm usually result in suboptimal performance, higher operational costs, and increased risks for the commercial operation in the long run. Count on CNG Solar Engineering to do it right. Your reputation as a commercial solar panel installation contractor can greatly benefit by delivering superior performing systems to your commercial clients. Contact CNG Solar Engineering, today.