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Homeowner Solutions

Custom technical support and the right tools to make your DIY project successful.

Sub-Contracting Experts

Our subcontracting services allow companies to focus on increasing profit margins.

Commercial Projects

Bidding (pre-contract) layouts, feasibility studies and technical consultations that win.

Training and Development

Staff training and development to maximize yields and create more efficient output.


Let’s Get to Work

We design PV permit packages and our turnkey services are reliable and effective. Whether it's a 5 kW residential PV design or a utility-scale system analysis, you can count on CNG Solar Engineering to deliver winning results.

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Our Mission

To become the most trusted PV system design company by ensuring development and consolidation of the solar industry. As a leader in our field we will define the future of PV system design, from residential systems to utility-scale projects. Using our core values of integrity and respect, CNG Solar will become our customers’ partner of choice and our industry’s employer of choice.

Paving the way

Simplicity & Efficiency

We always strive for these, no matter the size of your system. We engineer PV systems that are easy and cost effective to install without compromising output or integrity. With our quality, price and turnaround you'll easily see why our jurisdiction approval rate is 96.4%. Whether a self-installing homeowner, or an established Solar Company looking for Engineering relief, CNG has the right tools and know-how to make your project a success.

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We are leading the way to redefine Solar Engineering for everyone.

Learn how CNG Solar Engineering can help make your next project a success.

Why we do it

Our goal at CNG Solar Engineering is to bring the adoption of solar energy through intelligent design and lowered labor costs available to everyone.

How we do it

1. Complete site survey information
2. Fill out our Online Design Request Form
3. Receive Complete Plan Set in 48 hours
4. Get permit approved and install system

What’s the catch?

We believe simplicity should be affordable. That's why we have the most competitive rates in the industry. Customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. Contact us today.

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