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At CNG, solar design engineering is our entire focus. Our goal is to make solar energy adoption easy for everyone, by providing quick and intelligent system designs at a competitive rate.

As pioneers in the renewable energy industry for over a decade, our strength is rooted in maximizing the performance of a solar panel system and assisting installation contractors in compliance matters. Our solar panels engineering expertise translates to systems that are properly positioned, mounted, angled, and oriented to achieve their full solar energy production potential. We provide flexibility in resources and skills for residential and commercial roofing contractors and installers who want the best for property owners, at a manageable cost.

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CNG Solar Engineering

A trusted partner in thousands of renewable energy installations nationwide

Solar Design Engineers

Our Mission

To simplify building regulations, reduce soft costs, and demystify the solar industry for the public. All this in order to boost the implementation of renewables throughout the United States.



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By leveraging CNG’s expertise in solar design engineering, roofing contractors and other solar panel installers can confidently implement solar projects with optimized performance, safety, and longevity. CNG solar design engineering specialists provide a variety of important services to its clients to ensure the successful integration of solar panels into the existing roofing systems:

Site Assessment

CNG evaluates the site and conducts a thorough assessment of the roof's condition, orientation, tilt, shading, and available space. This assessment helps determine the optimal placement and configuration of solar panels.

System Design

Based on the site assessment, CNG creates a customized solar system design that maximizes energy production while considering the structural integrity of the roof and any potential shading issues.

Energy Production Estimates

CNG calculates the estimated energy production of the proposed solar system. This information helps sales and installation professionals understand the potential savings and return on investment for property owners.

Structural Analysis

To ensure the roof can handle the additional weight of solar panels, the engineer performs a structural analysis. If needed, they may recommend reinforcing the roof or making modifications to support the solar array safely.

Electrical Design

CNG develops the electrical design of the system, including the wiring, inverters, and connection to the electrical grid. Compliance with local electrical codes and regulations is ensured.

Permitting Support

We assist with the permitting process by providing necessary documentation, drawings, and calculations required by local authorities for solar installation approval.

Technical Support

Throughout the installation process, CNG can provide technical support to the roofing contractor or solar panel installer to address any design-related questions or challenges that arise.

Quality Assurance

CNG performs quality assurance checks during and after the installation to ensure that the system is set up correctly and meets all safety and performance standards.

Compliance & Certifications

CNGs solar system design helps ensure that installers comply with relevant industry standards and certifications, such as NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners) certification, which further instills confidence in the system's quality and performance.

Our Services

Solar Design Engineers

Residential Solar Design Engineers

CNG Solar Engineering design services offer comprehensive insight, support, and code compliance guidance for homebuilders, contractors, and homeowners. CNG Solar Engineering is a long-standing solar engineering design company that has been a trusted partner in thousands of renewable energy installations nationwide.

Solar Design Engineers

Commercial Solar Design Engineering Services

CNG Solar Engineering specializes in designing and optimizing commercial and utility-scale PV solar installations. Our team of experienced designers can maximize any commercial solar project’s ROI by providing high-quality bidding layouts, feasibility reports and permit sets.

Solar Engineering Design Services Throughout the U.S.

CNG is based in Los Angeles, California and serves contractors throughout the U.S. We are a white-label design and engineering service provider, meaning that our work is implemented under our clients’ brand names. We assist you in executing solar panel arrays that promise maximum benefit and efficiency to the homeowners and commercial building owners who hire you to install their PV system.

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Subject Matter Experts

Services Sheet & Permit Sheet
Services Sheet
Permit Sheet

A residential service sheet serves as a valuable reference for the property owner throughout the installation process and ensures transparency and clarity between the property owner and the installation contractor.

The solar PV permit application is submitted to a local building department or permitting authority, which reviews the materials to verify compliance with the applicable codes and regulations. If the application is approved, the permit will be issued, allowing the contractor to proceed with the installation, legally.

Frequently Asked Questions by Installers

Roofing contractors and others who install solar panel systems on homes and businesses often have questions about solar engineering design, for example…

Should I be concerned about load and structural factors?

Yes. Solar panel arrays can add significant weight to a roof system. CNG Solar Engineering assesses whether there is a need to reinforce the roof or make structural modifications to safely accommodate solar panels.

What considerations are there relative to a solar panel system’s electrical and wiring?

The installer must understand if any changes need to be made to the building’s electrical system to connect the solar panels properly. CNG Solar Engineering specializes in this area. We will investigate all electrical code requirements needed during the installation process, and we will ensure the safety and functionality of the electrical connections.

How do we determine the best location for solar panel placements on the roof, so as to maximize energy production?

Primarily, observe nearby structures or trees that might cause shading issues and reduce solar panel efficiency. Which slope of a roof is best for positioning a solar panel system is also highly relevant, along with orientation and tilt of the panels, and other factors of which CNG Solar Engineering has deep technical expertise.

How do we make sure we comply with the building codes and permitting involved with solar solutions?

CNG drafts the necessary Service Sheets and PV Permit Sheets, pertaining to your state and/or municipality. We have experience navigating the permitting process, and knowing exactly what documentation is needed for obtaining permits.

How do we maintain proper roof ventilation with the presence of solar panels?

Fire safety and ventilation are critical safety factors. CNG Solar Engineering assesses all fire safety concerns related to the solar panels on the roof, and how you should address them.

How can we work effectively with solar design engineering specialists to ensure a successful installation?

It’s always best for a roofing contractor or similar service provider who focuses on installation to collaborate with a NABCEP® certified solar design engineering specialist such as CNG Solar Engineering. In addition, we recommend that installers seek certifications or training programs related specifically to solar solutions for homes and commercial properties.

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